6 Must-Read Sex-citing Tips for All Men

Sex can lower stress-related blood pressure. At least, that’s what this study published in Biological Psychology says. Either way, good sex is healthy sex, and numerous research has pointed out the benefits of frequent sex, from helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, relieve pain, improve sleep, and even increase self-esteem. Good, healthy sex brings us a list of impressive benefits. Plus, you’ll be sure to please your partner.

Use words.

Wait, what? Words? Yes! We’re talking about communication in your path toward a satisfying sexual encounter. If at some point, your sex life has hit a snag, or you’re thinking of switching things up, but don’t know what to do or where to begin, having an open and honest conversation about each other’s desires and needs will ultimately deliver a good time. 

Use your mouth.

Put your mouth, hand, torso, and even feet to work if that’s what gets your partner going. The point here is to diversify your sex moves and enhance the sexual experience. Don’t jump in straight to penetrative sex as it isn’t known for delivering the best sexual satisfaction. While research has shown that women typically require sexual stimulation before penetration, the same works for men, too, so make sure to play in different ways.

Say NO to routine.

Scheduling sexy time is fine, but don’t be a creature of habit when it comes to sexual experiences. It’s good to switch things up by trying different sex positions. Don’t stick to one. Part of having a satisfying sexual experience is exploring different things. Life can be a little boring, but that doesn’t mean that sex has to be monotonous. Mix things up from positions to places, even trying both women and men’s sex toys

Go beyond the bedroom.

Did you know that people tend to have even more sex while on vacation rather than if they were at home, especially long-term relationships? This is no surprise since vacation time usually means no routines, no schedules, no work. But then, if you don’t have the luxury of booking your next travel destination anytime you feel like it, it doesn’t mean your sex life has to be dormant until the next trip. Take sex out of the bedroom and into the shower, or the living room, or the kitchen. Small shakeups can lead to a huge impact on the attitude toward sex for both partners. 

Research sexy things together.

Why not do some research to spice things up in your sex life? New ideas can be a little scary, but if you want to heat things up, research together, watch porn together, read erotica together, and you’ll find out more about your partner than you initially did. 

Begin foreplay outside the bedroom.

Keep the sexual connection up and running throughout the day, especially since you’ve both scheduled sex for that night. The build-up and anticipation are already a prelude to foreplay, what more the actual foreplay. Send a sexy text or a suggestive image. Flirt with your partner and give them a taste of what’s to come. Keep holding on to that energy until both of you meet. 

Sex doesn’t need to begin and end only in the bedroom and only in one position. Good sex is great sex, and it’s always fantastic to switch things up as it helps keep the relationship exciting, too.

6 Must-Read Sex-citing Tips for All Men 1