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Well if you are here then definitely you must be planning for your first trip to goa or maybe the next trip in your list. For whatever reasons you are going to Goa, you are in the right place to learn about its most beautiful beaches in Goa.

Goa always has considered in our country as the most popular tourist destination, with enchanting beaches and great natural beauty. This place is considered as heaven for those who are in the search of sunbath, sand, and the sea. That are the main reasons of attraction for many as well as foreigners to visit Goa every year. Goa is all about getting yourself relaxed and get rid of problems that are in your life. This is the beach paradise with extreme positive energy and the only thing that gonna stress you a bit is to select a beach where you want to visit next during your vacation in Goa.

So, in consideration of all these factors, I must say it was never an easy task to shortlist only 10 beaches in Goa, especially when I know you are gonna love each of them. But still, some of them have reserved their place in this list because they are the best out of best. People love coming here to indulge in the fun, a party to the fullest or just to relax. Please admire each of them critically when you go there, as all of them have their uniqueness and are absolutely gorgeous.    

1. Baga (The King of Nightlife)

Top Beaches in Goa - BagaDiscovered in the north of Goa, Baga is the place where every tourist visits once they landed on the city of beaches. Apart from being one of the oldest beaches in Goa, Baga is known for its crazy nightlife (Club Tito’s lane is full of clubs running day and night), welcoming beach shacks and the best seafood that you can find in entire Goa. If you are a shopaholic (unlike me) you will be able to explore Arpora night market, which is one of the traditional markets of Goa.

2. Morjim (The Russian’s choice)

Well, this beach is located in the far north of goa, because its isolation and low crowd it developed as a foreigner’s choice. It discovered as the wild expanses of sand with a chance to catch some olive ridley sea turtles, yes you heard me right Morjim gives you all that. Apart from this, you will also be able to invite yourself to the beach bars and restaurants providing you with delicious seafood. Morjim is the right place for people looking for Russian Girls in Goa.

3. Calangute (Queen of Beaches in Goa)

Golden sand and the thread of amazing shacks offering the real Goan cuisine are the key factors that make Calangute the queen of Goa beaches. The beach is particularly famous for its clubs and lots of local shop offering the traditional Goan clothing. This is the perfect place for someone who loves seafood and looks at what Goa has to offer.

4. Palolem (Goa’s Finest Beach)

Best Goa Beaches - Palolem BeachThis is the most visited beach by fisherman and foreign tourist in Goa. Palolem has come up as the attraction for tourist because of its amazing rock structures onshore and doesn’t get hit by fast currents. Its easy for the tourist to take a nice swim. Alongside this, you can also spot a dolphin and various watersports taking place. The place is also covered with shacks offering Ayurvedic therapies and yoga classes.      

5. Sinquirim (Admire the History)

Located beside the Fort Aguada and covered with golden sand, this beach in south goa helps you to admire the marvelous construction of Aguada Fort along the scenic view of palm trees backed at the beach. Apart from being a beautiful place to lay down and relax, Sinquirim also gives you an opportunity to enjoy the various water sports facilities such as snorkeling, banana ride, and parasailing. These facilities make this beach famous among the tourist.

6. Anjuna (Beach with Party culture and trance music)

While other beaches are known for its beautiful golden sand, Anjuna is famous for its swaying palm trees, cozy little coastal spots and the steep cliffs which make it one of the best beaches in Goa to see the sunset. The backing of strange rock formations makes it as the mystical experience for the tourists. The beach is also famous for the wild rave parties and full moon parties in goa with trance music. Its Wednesday Flea Market also becomes an attraction for tourists as it offers a huge range of jewelry, goan apparel etc.

7. Cola ( Beach with tents)

The best place for the tourists who are looking for the peace of mind and just a place to relax. Cola beach is an isolated place in Goa where you can find mindblowing tents made in Rajasthani style rather than shacks. Excellent Goan food is also one of the attractions of the beach. This beach is suitable for those who want to go out from the hustle and busy life of Goa City. It is such a quiet and cleaner place if you compare it with other famous Goa beaches.

8. Majorda Beach (Goan bakers Hub)

Majorda Beach GoaThis is the beach where you can find real Goan bakers providing you the delicious seafood and the traditional dishes of goa. As to believe on the legend Lord Rama in his childhood was kidnapped and brought here but later he escaped. This place is also famous for its Goa’s Christmas carnival and Mae De Deus Church which are the key highlights of this place.

9. Colva ( White Sand Beach)

One of the best beach in south goa covered with white sand and lots of happening beach bars, shacks and the local food stalls with delicious seafood, which makes it the place not only for Indian tourist but also an attraction for the Foreign crowd. Very easily you can come across Escorts in Goa being present at this beach. Colorful fishing boats, various water activities like parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, speed boat rides are some of the main attractions of this lovely beach.

10. Arambol (The family beach)

The beach which is providing the safest environment for the kids due to its curved shape and the presence of several coast guards makes it the paradise for families. Its located in the northmost part of Goa and considered as a beneficial choice for the budget travelers. It helps you to get budgeted accommodation with a lovely view to admire and the delicious food to eat. Water activities like paragliding is also a center of attraction here for tourists.

Hope you like our Top 10 beaches in Goa. Feel free to connect with us to learn more about Goa.

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