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Goa is famous for its churches as it is famous for its beaches, people come to visit those churches from every corner of the world. Goa is also known to celebrate the most beautiful Christmas and because of it many people visit Goa in the month of December and to have fun with Goa Escorts. I have made a list of some great churches which you can explore and celebrate your Christmas there, 

Church of our lady of the immaculate Conception

This one is the most instagram friendly church because people love to click pictures here. This is one of the oldest churches in Goa. It’s interior design is one of the main reasons it is famous for. It is located in Panjim, capital of Goa. 

Bom Jesus basilica

If you are in Goa then you must go to this church as it is the most blessed church. It is known for the immortal body of St. Xavier Francis , which is in a good condition since 400 years and people can witness this magical body every 10 years. You can have great pictures here as it gives you a vintage kinda look. 

Monte Hill-

After two very famous churches I have something different for you as this church is situated at a hill and you will have to go up that hill to reach there. Won’t it be great? As it is at a height you can see a great view from above. It is known as a mini picnic spot of Goa. So go with your family and have an experience of trekking in Goa.

St. Peter’s church of Rome.

It has a religious significance and a great architef St. Cajetan- This beautiful church will make you feel like you are in Rome as it resemblcture to witness. 

I know beaches are more fun, but these pieces of art have their peaceful aura which you shouldn’t miss at all. 

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